Eliza Bloom

Dec 8, 2023

Meet Eliza Bloom, one of Sydney’s best friends who quickly became one of Drew’s as well. He loved joking around with her & telling funny stories whenever she would come to hang out at the Hassenbein house.

“Dear Drew, 

For someone as special as you, it’s not a moment that stands out. It’s a thousand moments—a decade of seemingly ordinary moments, shared laughs, time spent together, day in and day out that collectively tell the lasting story of how meaningful you are to me, and how you will always be on my mind and in my heart. And it’s these little things that I will miss the most, and that will bring a smile to my face every day.

It wasn’t a typical walk into the Hassenbein house if you weren’t banging on the window and waving at me as I walked up the steps to the door. I can hear you laughing through the window, and I can see you waving at me with the biggest smile on your face. Hanging out with Syd was hanging out with you, whether it was you coming into Syd’s room and dancing and singing, refusing to get off of her bed in your dirty clothes, making tik toks while she was in the shower, or just laughing about random things. I can’t recall a FaceTime with Syd—hundreds, maybe—when you did not grab the phone and run away with it while she chased after you. Small things. Silly things. Routine things. Life without them, and without you, just isn’t the same. I think about you all the time Drew. I miss you coaching Sydney and me from the sidelines during tennis and I feel your presence on the courts every day through the beautiful sunsets, the lady bugs, and the butterflies. 

I will never stop telling stories about you. When I became best friends with Sydney at 5 years old I would have never thought that you would become the closest thing to a little brother I’d ever have. That will never change. The bond we had will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you and I will never forget you.