Lemon Hassenbein

Nov 24, 2023

Meet Lemon, the new addition to the Hassenbein fam who’s brought lots of needed extra love & comfort in the house❤️

“Dear Drew,

Over the past couple of months, I feel like I’ve connected with you although we haven’t actually met. I know you had touched so many lives and had a unique way of bringing people together. Well this time, you really went out of your way to try to comfort and support your Mom, Dad and Sydney. The connection is still so strong between you both. I can’t believe you’re still running the show behind the scenes.

Over the past several months, your mom has been seeing 🍋 everywhere. They unexpectedly appear in random places & on things. 2 weeks ago, Mom got a call that I was a girl & born on 9/8. Later that day, Mom saw a license plate that said Lem3098! She told Sydney she believed it’s a sign from Drew. They have been keeping me a secret from your Dad.

“LemonLime” was one of your favorite lovies you had since a baby. You referred to it as “ Lemon”, “ Lem”, or “Lemmy.” The numbers on the license plate she saw was your birth month and year (3/09) and my DOB is 9/8. Thanks to all those people who didn’t even know they were sending signs just by passing by. It helped me to find a new family with a beautiful home & fenced in backyard with lots of room to play.

I am a golden retriever and 11 weeks old. I am keeping your mom busy & driving her crazy with potty training. Sydney is the best sister, she is sweet and gives me lots of toys to play with. Your Dad is breaking all the rules. He’s giving me too many treats & messing up my schedule. We are already playing catch & running around the yard.

Drew, I am not a replacement for you. You were one of a kind and are irreplaceable. I’m here as a distraction and to bring some love into the home & hearts. I promise to be the fastest and the most athlete dog. Everything I do is for you! I hope to be “Golden” and not a “ Lemon” 🐶. DHASS ON TOP ALWAYS & FOREVER! I hope to have as many fans as you had. Please follow @goldengirlemon on Instagram.

Lemon “Lem” 🐶