Cole Sadofsky

Dec 22, 2023

Meet Cole Sadofsky, one of Drew’s best friends since day 1. Partner in crime, fought like brothers, but no matter what, was the last FaceTime call at the end of the day.

Dear Drew,

Sharing a memory knowing that I will never get an answer makes me nothing but upset. The millions of memories we shared will never be shattered or taken away. My favorite memory was the Knicks vs. Cavs game. All week we were begging our dads to just buy the tickets and let us go. Both our dads agreed and we finally got we wanted. You texted me around 5 saying that your tennis ran late and that you’ll meet me at the game. Somehow you got there before me and called me when I got there. You said to me, “I’m courtside, get down here now!” I didn’t believe you but my dad kept telling me just give it a try. We decided to go down and we actually saw Drew. Drew waved to us down and as we walked down the security guard stopped me. You said to him, “Let them down, they’re with me”. Just like that, the 14 year old bossed around a Knicks security guard during one of the biggest nights of the year. We then met all the famous people and chilled there for a little.

This just shows everyone how no one was ever stopping us and when me and you wanted something, we were getting it. Drew, just because I can no longer go to Knicks games or hang out with you doesn’t mean that I don’t think about you. I love you so much and now all I can ask for is that I see you eventually.

I love you, D.

– Cole