Dream Big Drew Hassenbein Tournament Boys 16 L3 Closed – RESULTS

Jan 23, 2024

This weekend was the Dream Big Drew Hassenbein Tournament Boys 16 L3 closed (eastern) at Drew’s home court RWTT. Although Drew wasn’t physically with us this weekend, his presence was felt all around. His mom even imagined him on Court 5 (where he had his lessons with Coach Adrian) winning some big points and looking up at the window after every great point or missed shot. His parents, Jaime & Mitch, miss watching him compete, miss the stomach-churning matches, and everything else about Drew.

The tennis community is missing Drew too. As many shared this weekend, there were many people that admired and even looked up to Drew. The Hassenbein’s got the chance to spend time with Drew’s tennis friends, competitors, and tennis families. They truly felt the love and support from them all. Drew will never be forgotten!

Thank you to all the boys who played in the tourney. There were so many great matches, high level tennis & great competition. I know Drew would be so proud of you all. He will always be watching and rooting you on from above. Dhass on top always and forever!

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st place – Connor Plunkett
2nd Place – Zen Uehling
3rd Place – Giovanni Rezk
4th Place – Cole Langer
5th Place – Henry Groves
6th Place – Jesse Yang

Drew Hassenbein Foundation Awards

Sportsmanship – Zen Uehling
True Competitor Award – Filip Nikolovski
USTA Sportsmanship Award – Jack Reis

A special thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who donated to make it an extra special tourney. Thank you Robbie Wagner, Shari Ozer, Dot cakes, Howie (Gotham T-shirts), Holly Green (we sold out of sweatshirts), and Marinara Pizza. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Much love from the Drew Hassenbein Foundation!

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