In Memory of Drew Hasenbein -A True Champion

Although tennis was very important in Drew’s life, he also had many other things in life that he greatly valued and cared about.

Most importantly, Drew was a very family-oriented person. He was a very lovable and bright kid to be around and his good energy was contagious to those around him.

Drew also loved hanging out with friends. He enjoyed going to sporting events with both friends and family where he would watch his favorite baseball team, the Mets, his favorite basketball team, the Knicks, and his favorite football team, the Eagles.

The best word to describe him was that he was simply a doer. If he was ever sitting around just relaxing he thought he was doing something wrong.

One of Drew’s standout attributes was his kindness and compassion toward others. He had a genuine concern for the well-being of those around him and always went out of his way to lend a helping hand.

Whether it was offering a comforting word, assisting with a challenging task, or simply being a friend, Drew’s empathy and understanding made a lasting impact on everyone he encountered.

In summary, Drew was an outstanding individual with a brilliant mind, a compassionate heart, a strong work ethic, boundless creativity, and a natural talent for leadership.

His positive influence on the world and the lives of those around him will always be remembered and cherished.

Drew Hassenbein had a dream of becoming a professional tennis player. He started playing tennis at age 5 and winning international tournaments age 7.

Hassenbein, became the United States’ number 1 ranked player for boys 12 and under in February 2021.

Drew was an all-around athlete and played every major sport, but tennis was always his passion.

Drew believed he must practice and train every day to be the best that he could be.

Drew’s mantra was: “I don’t collect trophies, I collect hours – hours of hard work!”.

He was a fierce competitor and left it all on the court!

Drew has a bright, promising future but his dream was cut short.

On May 3rd, Drew Hassenbein played and won his final match of his life.

He was on his way home from a victory team dinner with the Roslyn Varsity Tennis team. He tragically died when the car they were in was struck by a drunk driver traveling in the wrong direction.

Drew was a champion, he made a positive impact on all those who knew him.

A young tennis legend gone way too soon.

Forever in our hearts!

Don’t Drink and Drive!

In loving memory of Drew Hassenbein

March 3rd, 2009-May 3rd 2023