Dana Plunkett

Dec 29, 2023

Meet Dana Plunkett, one of Drew’s first tennis buddy’s stepmom. Always a Drew fan from the start and a great friend to the Hassenbein Family.

Dear Drew,

I feel like I was able to know you just by luck. As Connor’s step mom, I naturally fell into this tennis mom life.  And though it can be brutal at times (as your mom and I always talk about), it’s a role I really love. I love the competition, the stomach-turning matches, the smack talk, the random hitting sessions, the inside jokes, the broken rackets… all of it. But what I realize I love the most, is the people. And Drew, you were one of those people. You always will be.

I was introduced to you first just through stories that Connor would tell when he came home after playing with you, or watching you play. Connor would recount the things you’d say and we would all be laughing hysterically and then adopt your sayings as our everyday language. My favorite of course, will always be when you told Connor to “put the baby in the car seat”, your way of telling him to wrap up the match and get the win. Then when I first saw you play I thought I was watching an actual pit bull go to town on his opponents. Your talent was apparent and your passion was unmatched. You just can’t teach what you naturally possessed. You had a fire in you that I really admired. I will forever cherish my memories of watching you play, and watching you play with Connor. He was lucky to have you as a competitor and friend.

Drew, you were something special. At your service, your Dad asked us to give you a final round of applause.  We all stood up, and cheered like crazy for you. I can tell you that we didn’t want to stop cheering. You deserve all of the applause, young man. We miss you like crazy Drew, and the applause will continue forever for you.