Jordan Mashaal

Oct 13, 2023

Meet Jordan, aka “MASH”, one of Drew’s OGs who he shared a close friendship with from the start.

“Dear Drew,

Drew, you have been on my mind so much these past weeks. Beginning school and especially with the flag football season just starting. I have been missing you on my team like last year and thinking about all of the memories from that season. I always had a great time competing With you and also Against you. Tomorrow also starts our flag league with all of our friends that you were a huge part of. Some of the best memories I have ever made were on all sports teams with you for over the past 10 years.

I am remembering one specific memory from last year during the first round of our Roslyn flag football playoffs, playing together. On the first play of the entire game you intercepted the ball from the other team and returned it into the end zone for a touchdown. Our entire team was ecstatic about your amazing Pick-6 play. But, you were telling us to calm down and keep our composure since the game had barely even started. You felt that we should continue as if the score was still zero-zero and if we got too cocky then the game would have been over before it even started, and we would lose! You told us that your one play meant nothing and the game is still very close.

You didn’t make your amazing moment all about you, you made it about the team. I know often your success in tennis has been about playing on your own or with one partner, but with all of the times we have been together, especially in team sports from football to basketball and even baseball and hockey, you knew that there was no “I” in Team. You were always a great athlete and you were always thinking to make the people around you better. I remember that you had always tried to give me advice on how to make myself a better athlete. You always wanted to bring me up when I was down.

Drew, I cannot even put into words how much I miss you by my side every day. I wish you can be with me right now making even more memories than we already have. I will be thinking about you every day for the rest of my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget you. I will love you forever Drew.