Blake Anscher

Nov 10, 2023

Meet Blake, Drew’s sweetest friend since nursery school “2’s”, best Kadima partner, and queen of Grand Cayman kids club.

“Dear Drew,

We had so many amazing memories. I am so grateful for them and will continue to cherish them forever. I will always remember the several times we went to Cayman together. Many days for lunch we would find a table and have a lunch date. When we were little and rebellious we would sneak behind the security guards and steal old candy from the ginger bread houses. We played kidema on the beach for hours and swam and just had the best times. We of course made many TikTok’s and had as many conversations as possible.

You always made me laugh and smile with your heart of gold. I miss you asking me how my day was everyday. We would always laugh about the times I used to go to kids club. Last year when I didn’t go to Cayman you were so upset and made sure I booked Cayman this year. This describes the very close friendship we had.

One specific memory I remember with you was when we were partners together for every ladder. Of course I felt so cool to have the best talented tennis partner. Even though you were so incredible you didn’t care to have a good tennis player as your partner. You stayed with me. Whenever I missed the ball you would push me to do better next time and tell me not to worry. You would say swing your racket this way and demonstrated. We had so many inside jokes.

A simple thing I would like to share that defines the type of person you were was whenever I walked past you and you would be so excited to see me and say hey and ask me how I did on a test or even say something funny. It always made my day. You were always happy to help me with whatever I needed. I truly thank you for everything you have done for me Drew. I love you and I will continue to always try and impress you.❤️❤️❤️

So much love