Bake Back America Inspires and Unites Communities at Drew Hassenbein Dream BIG Tennis Open

Oct 11, 2023

On Monday, October 9, Bake Back America, in collaboration with The Drew Hassenbein Foundation, organized an incredible event that not only brought communities together but also inspired and empowered individuals from all walks of life. The occasion was the “Drew Hassenbein Dream BIG Tennis Open,” a memorable event that paid tribute to the late Drew Hassenbein, an inspirational figure who gave his all on and off the tennis court.

Drew Hassenbein was a passionate and talented competitor, a star tennis player, and an all-around amazing kid who consistently pushed himself and others to be great. It was this spirit that was alive and well during the inaugural “Drew Hassenbein Dream BIG Tennis Open”, where a total of 36 competitors, representing different backgrounds and skill levels, came together to honor Drew’s legacy.

Bake Back America, the organizer of this event, began its journey by sharing gratitude and support with first responders and essential workers nationwide during the Covid-19 pandemic by baking and meal deliveries. Today, it has rapidly expanded, evolving into a dynamic platform that unites people and communities in performing acts of kindness. The organization’s forward direction is clear: to foster connections, empower volunteers, promote inclusion, and emphasize the importance of working together to give back.

The event took place at the esteemed Westchester Tennis Center, a well-known institution that has been a pillar of support for local tennis enthusiasts. Their generous donation of courts provided the perfect setting for the Dream BIG Tennis Open.

The Hassenbein family was deeply moved and grateful for the opportunity to honor Drew’s memory through this event. Their unwavering support and dedication to making this tournament a reality underscored their commitment to keeping Drew’s spirit alive and inspiring others to pursue their dreams with the same determination.

As the competition unfolded, it was evident that Drew’s indomitable spirit had touched the hearts of all the competitors. The Dream BIG Tennis Open brought forth a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship that was truly remarkable. Players of all ages and abilities gave their best on the court, displaying tremendous teamwork and an unwavering dedication to their sport.

In the end, the Dream BIG Tennis Open crowned three outstanding champions in their respective brackets. Gavin Lehrman, Cooper Schorr, and Lamar Remy emerged as the winners, showcasing their remarkable skills and determination. These talented athletes served as a testament to the level of competition and commitment that the event inspired.

The event was not just about tennis; it was about forging connections and inspiring one another. Bake Back America, in collaboration with the Drew Hassenbein Foundation, succeeded in creating an environment that encouraged everyone to dream big and work relentlessly toward their goals. The community’s collective efforts were a shining example of the positive impact that can be made when individuals and organizations come together to empower and inspire.