Pro-Am in Drew’s Honor at Glen Head Country Club

Jul 21, 2023

The world of tennis is more than just a sport; it’s a realm of shared passion, growth, and unwavering camaraderie. Nowhere was this more evident than at the Glen Head Country Club’s Men’s Charity Pro-Am—an event that went beyond competitive matches and showcased the power of sport in honoring the legacy of Drew Hassenbein. As the pros, including coaches from the Robbie Wagner Tournament Training Center and former Top 100 player Noah Rubin came together, the day unfolded as a heartwarming tribute to the spirit of tennis and Drew.

At the heart of this event were the coaches from the Robbie Wagner Tournament Training Center. Among them stood Adrian Chirici, Drew’s head coach—a figure who played an instrumental role in shaping Drew’s journey in tennis. However, it wasn’t just Adrian who contributed; every coach who stepped onto the court had been a part of Drew’s growth. The bond that Drew shared with these coaches wasn’t merely that of a player and coach; it was a connection rooted in mentorship, guidance, and mutual respect. Each coach had left an indelible mark on Drew’s path, fostering his development both as a player and an individual.

The significance of this event lay in the celebration of these bonds. It was a day to recognize and appreciate the tireless effort that coaches invest in their players, transcending the technicalities of the sport and delving into the realm of personal growth. The coaches from the Robbie Wagner Tournament Training Center symbolized the essence of mentorship, reflecting the role that mentors play in shaping aspiring athletes into well-rounded individuals.

On the day of the Pro-Am, the atmosphere at the Glen Head Country Club was electric. Tennis enthusiasts, from seasoned players to newcomers, gathered with a shared enthusiasm that transcended skill levels. For every participant, the event wasn’t just about competing; it was about commemorating Drew’s legacy and celebrating the sense of unity that tennis fosters.

Noah Rubin, a former Top 100 player in the world, participated in the event, adding a layer of prestige and excitement. Rubin’s journey in tennis mirrored the values that the Pro-Am aimed to celebrate—hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the sport’s spirit. His attendance not only validated the significance of the event but also underscored the sense of unity that exists within the tennis community.

The climactic moment of the Pro-Am saw Noah Rubin teaming up with Drew’s father, Mitchell Hassenbein, for the final match. This match, more than a display of skill, became a symbol of unity—a representation of the connections that tennis forges. Their victory was more than just claiming a title; it was a nod to the past, present, and future of tennis, resonating with the legacy of Drew Hassenbein.

In conclusion, the Men’s Charity Pro-Am hosted by Glen Head Country Club transcended the boundaries of a typical tennis tournament. It was a heartfelt tribute to Drew Hassenbein’s legacy and the profound influence of mentorship. The coaches from the Robbie Wagner Tournament Training Center, the spirited participants, the presence of Noah Rubin, and the exhilarating final match—all converged to create an event that celebrated tennis not just as a game, but as a force that unites, inspires, and leaves an enduring impact. As the echoes of friendly rallies and shared laughter faded from the courts, the event’s legacy continued to resonate, reminding us that in the world of tennis, the true victories are often measured in the connections we forge and the lives we touch.