Miss Hintermeister

Oct 20, 2023

Dear Drew,

When I first met you you were a second grader in Mrs. Palladino’s Class. My fifth graders loved being your older buddy. Your laugh, big smile and energy was contagious. Right away I hoped you would be a future student of mine.

I remember that spring at Cycle for Survival, when you saw me, it was a funny moment for you, seeing a teacher outside of school and riding a spin bike! I watched you look up to Sydney as she gave her survivor speech. You were so proud of her! Each year after that, when I would see you in the halls of Harbor Hill or at Cycle for Survival, I kept wishing, “I hope Drew will be in my fifth grade class soon.”

Lucky for me in 2019, you arrived in room 57. This is where I truly got to know you. Your drive to succeed and learn was apparent all day. No matter how challenging the topic, you didn’t give up, you asked questions, you wanted to understand.

Early in the school year, I learned about your outstanding tennis skills, when you shared your US OPEN tennis ball with the class as your “Special Thing.” Then when Mr. Hoffner, a Roslyn teacher and tennis coach, stopped by our classroom to check in on some students, you proudly told him that he would see you on the Varsity team in a few years, and he did! I remember asking you for the “former teacher discount” for your future tennis matches, which you agreed to!

These memories of you will stay with me forever and I will always feel so fortunate to have been able to spend part of your time at Harbor Hill with you.

Love you always,

Miss Hintermeister