Jason Prussian

Oct 6, 2023

Meet Jason – Some may know him as the dad of one of Drew’s best friends, “DD”, but to Drew, he was a close family friend and someone he loved to hang out with.

“Dear Drew,

It was July 2020 and camp that summer was cancelled due to Covid. You, Daniel, your Dad, and I decided to go to family camp at Timber Lake. We had a great couple of days doing all of your favorite camp activities. By the end of the weekend your Dad and I were exhausted from basketball, tennis, kickball, and the new high ropes course and zip line at the outdoor adventure area. We competed hard that weekend just as we always had.

\I remember your Dad pitching in the kickball game and he was striking out 3 and 4 year old kids. You and your Dad played to win and it didn’t matter who your opponent was. You guys won all of the competitions at family camp EXCEPT for the high ropes. We finally had a chance to beat you. I wouldn’t even let your Dad try the ropes course as I knew he would have gotten stuck and never would have made it. I enjoyed watching you struggle at something as you were always so good at everything and you kicked out butts all weekend. It is kind of strange for a grown man to compete with and enjoy beating a kid, but this is what you were all about. Competing and winning!! You were always looking to the next activity or competition and I was always looking to bust your chops a bit. The end of the 1st video perfectly defines our relationship.

Drew – “Get the zip line”
Jason- “I will, if you make it over before breakfast tomorrow”

We have really big shoes to fill this year in fantasy football taking over your team and I know you will be pissed off and never let me hear the end of it if we don’t win the championship. I promise we will do our best for you and anything less than a championship will be unacceptable.