Filip Nikolovski

Sep 29, 2023

Meet Filip, a great competitor 🎾, trusted doubles partner, and a friend of Drew’s on and off the court!

“Dear Drew,

You and I played doubles together on multiple occasions, from local tournaments to National Clay Courts. There was a particular match that we played together that holds a special place in my memory.

We were losing the first set and even though Drew was so talented at the net, for some reason he would never poach. It started to get on my nerves a little bit so I told him that he has to start poaching and he looked at me and just started to laugh. The next point he poached and we won the point and while smiling, he looks back at me and says, “How’d you like that!” For the rest of the match we were laughing about it and ended up winning the match.

This memory holds a special place for me because it shows how Drew’s character can affect anybodies emotions in seconds and how the emotions can affect outcomes. Every time I step on the court a can feel Drew’s spirit which reminds to have fun with whoever I’m with no matter what.