Benji Rabinovich

Nov 17, 2023

Meet Benji, one of Drew’s favorite teammates on the Roslyn Varsity Tennis team and an all-around amazing young man.

“Dear Drew,

During the 2022 season, after beating his opponent at Plainview Old Bethpage, Drew hit some balls over the fence to our team, like they do in the grand slams. Those who caught the balls ran to the fence with a sharpie and he signed the balls like a true pro. The funniest part of this was that one of the OPPOSING players showed up waiting for a signature too.

In the 2023 season, after a hard fought match against NYS singles champion, Stephen Gershfeld, I got another signature from Drew and got one from Stephan on the same ball, expecting one day to have two pros on that ball. The video I filmed was to have official proof of the future pro signing the ball, as he hilariously admits to scribbling illegible words onto the ball.

Drew was a light in our lives and although his future was unfairly cut short, his legacy will live on forever and we will always honor the person he was.

I’ll love you forever,

Benji Rabinovich”